Tarot Masterclass

Are you ready to become a master Tarot reader or enhance your readings? 

Tarot is not just for making predictions and divination, it is also an ancient key of sacred wisdom and knowledge. If you want to learn the magic of Tarot, get ready to dive into the Tarot Masterclass!


If you are wondering, yes, anyone can read tarot 

Learn practical tools for understanding each card and building your intuition to give in-depth and accurate predictions


What does the Tarot Masterclass teach me?

When you enroll in the Tarot Masterclass, you willl learn:

  • The fundamentals of Tarot
  • How to use your intuition to read the cards & intuition building exercises
  • Ancient wisdom and deep life lessons embedded within the cards
  • Divinatory meanings of each card, symbolism, as well as astrology & numerology within the Tarot
  • How to use Tarot for divination, magic, and finding out when certain things will happen
  • A comprehensive journey through the major and minor arcana
  • And, so much more!

Are You Ready To Learn Tarot?

Learning Tarot can be easy with this comprehensive masterclass


What's Included In The Masterclass...


The Fundamentals of Tarot

Your ability to read Tarot starts with understanding the basics:

  • How Tarot works
  • How to cleanse your deck and get ready for a reading
  • How to read without knowing the definitions & how to properly pull cards for accurate readings + more!

You’ll finish this module with the basic understandings of Tarot and you'll be able to start reading!


How To Read Tarot Like a Pro!

After the basics, we'll dive into deeper aspects of the cards in order to get you to a pro-level reader! In this module, you’ll learn:

  • All 78 card definitions 
  • Tools and methods for memorizing the cards
  • Tips and techniques on strengthening your intuition
  • Downloadable workbooks to help you practice and take the lessons further
  • A thorough journey through the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana & Court Cards
  • Understanding the symbolism in Tarot
  • Tarot spreads 

You’ll finish this course with an in-depth understanding of every card and have the tools for recalling their meanings and diving deeper into your intuition with every reading.


Advanced Tarot

The secret to being a master reader is knowing the advanced knowledge of Tarot and how to apply it. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Tarot spread tricks & how to create your own spreads
  • Astrology & numerology of the cards
  • Telling time with Tarot and seeing when certain things will occur
  • Other magic using Tarot

You’ll finish this module with a deeper understanding of the cards and be able to give more accurate readings than ever before.

BONUS ($44 value)

 A downloadable eBook 'Magic of Tarot: A Journey Through The 78 Secrets'

  • A brief history of Tarot
  • A guide through all 78 Tarot cards, their meanings, symbolism and how to apply them to different scenarios
  • Keywords for each card
  • Upright and Reversed explanations
  • Each card's numerology, elemental and planetary or Zodiac association
  • Learn how each card applies to romance, personality, appearance, and different aspects of career 

You can use this eBook as a study guide and as a reference when reading Tarot

This Masterclass Is For You If...

  • You are new to Tarot and want to learn how to read the cards and build your intuition 
  • You are a seasoned reader and you want to enhance your readings
  • You want to learn the ancient wisdom of Tarot
  • You want to give in-depth and accurate readings for yourself, friends or clients

I'm Gem

I've been studying and reading Tarot for over 15 years and I know how hard it can be to start trusting your intuition and giving confident readings. I've taken many classes on Tarot as well as other divination practices like Astrology and Numerology, and slowly over the years I've created my own techniques for learning the cards and building my intuition, and I'm so excited to share them with you in this Tarot Masterclass! 

One of the most magical things I've discovered as a Tarot reader is the profound wisdom embedded within the cards. The reason they make such a good divination tool is because there is a card to correspond with every aspect of life. Within each of the cards lays a secret to life and how to overcome any obstacle. If you want to learn this ancient wisdom, I'm excited to share it with you in the Tarot Masterclass.


"The Tarot Masterclass has been my favorite course by Gem! It went way above my expectations. I gave a reading to a friend and she said it was the most accurate reading she has received."

- Casey

"I've been trying to memorize definitions and give accurate readings for myself. The Tarot Masterclass taught me everything I wanted to know."

- Brigitte

"I have been intrigued by Tarot and magick since I was a kid. Gem inspired me a few years back to take a dive down this path and to learn how to read Tarot myself and has given me guidance and reading suggestions along the way. I have purchased many books and online resources but nothing compares to the knowledge she provides in her course and eBook. Everything you'll ever need to know in order to read Tarot intuitively, for yourself or others, all jam-packed in one place."

- Krista

Tarot Masterclass

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